Build Better Email Lists

Effortlessly gather a targeted list of prospects + emails from LinkedIn.
The fastest and most comprehensive scraper on the market.
Fast List Building

Build your list of prospects in seconds. Not hours.

Accurate Emails

Built-in email finding using over a dozen databases, at no extra charge to you!

Data Cleaning

We clean your data, so you don't have to spend hours of your time.

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What makes Orion Black better?

Built by an industry leading email marketing agency, we have scraped thousands of profiles each day for years - using this as an internal tool without a single issue, making us trusted experts in producing high quality email lists from LinkedIn!
Quick Start

Other tools will make your scraping complicated, and the set up alone can take hours to get started.

Orion Black is your one-click scraper - it’s never been quicker or easier to build your list!

Email Finding

Sick of bad email addresses from our competitors? Tired of paying for a scraper AND an email enrichment services like Hunter or Clearbit to find accurate emails?

Orion Black connects directly to multiple databases and enrichment services for built-in email finding!

Safe To Use

Other tools are cloud-based, this means you are scraping from a shared IP with other users. If one user gets banned, all users are at risk.

Orion Black does not change your IP address, so you don’t have to worry about someone else's actions affecting your account!

Data Cleaning

Scraping data is the first step, but you'll need to clean the data if you want to use it in your custom fields.

Orion Black is powered by HumanizerAI - so your data is handed to you in a format that is ready to use. Save yourself hours of work by starting off with pre-cleaned data!

Start building your list instantly.

Simple Chrome Extension

Add the Orion Black extension to your browser, create your account, and start scraping LinkedIn Sales Navigator for leads, right away - no set up required!

Targeted List Building

Simply search for your ideal prospects using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, then click "Start" on the extension. After a few minutes, you'll have a list of their information and email addresses!