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Co-Founder | Marketing & Operations

An experienced Agile practitioner, well versed in both the technical and practical sides of email deliverability, Dawson holds an immaculate track record of success in the email marketing space.

Originally finding a passion for data over 10 years ago, Dawson began helping companies as a B2B email marketing professional in 2014 and founded his email marketing agency in 2017. He has since worked with over 150 companies to drastically improve their email marketing systems, and is regarded as one of the most creative and innovative problem solvers in the email marketing space today.

Pulling from his years of agency experience, private consulting, and current advisory relationships with multiple technology startups, he is able to provide guidance on product direction - allowing Orion Black to build tools focused on solving real problems, for real users.
Co-Founder | Engineering

Proven excellence in navigating complex emerging technology environments, with two decades of design, a decade of entrepreneurship, and a decade of software engineering experience.

Alexander has developed a large body of intellectual property such as design-forward, modular aeroponic farming systems, and a virtual-reality (VR) based, pre-habilitation protocol for the world's first human head transplant. His revolutionary work has been published in the U.S. government's number-one database for peer-reviewed medical research, PubMed.

Alexander’s work has been featured on the New York Times, DailyMail, Nature World News, Sky News, The Independent, Complex, and PubMed.

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